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Sentinel-1 products in Near Real Time over a user defined Area Of Interest.

Get Sentinel-1 products delivered by EOPORT whenever the Sentinel-1 satellite is capturing data over your defined AOI.

KSAT has ground stations in Tromsø, Puertollano and Nemea which can “listen in” on the pass-through data downlinked to the Sentinel-1 core ground segment over most of Europe. The data can be immediately processed internally at KSAT, facilitating a significantly faster delivery to an end-user or a value-adding service.

SAFE formatted Level-1 GRD products are pushed to the end point as compressed files.

Delivery time: < 30 minutes


About provider


KSAT provides a variety of products derived from both Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and high-resolution optical satellite data.

The key focus is maritime situational awareness, which includes Near Real-Time (NRT) vessel detection and oil spill monitoring, ice monitoring as well as forestry- and land monitoring.

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