How to establish a B2C service

Service offering

To establish your B2C service you need to be a registered user of EOPORT and have passed the service provider onboarding process.

Afterwards you get access to the service provider portal to register your service and to the required cloud resources to host your service.

The service registration distinguishes between the business related tasks and the technical tasks.

Business related tasks are mainly:

  • Publish you offering to the EOPORT service catalog
    • Define product description
    • Define terms and conditions
    • Upload support documents
    • Price model and measuring units

During the technical registration part you need to design your service by:

  • Selecting needed data feeds (satellite missions)
  • Selecting algorithms (preprocessed data from EOPORT or other service suppliers)
  • Adding your own service component to the service chain
  • Defining the output channel (how do you delivery your service to the end customer)
    • API
    • S3 Bucket (from EOPORT or your own)
    • Any other
  • Define output retention time

Once both onboarding chains are completed and you have tested your service, you can publish it to EOPORT service catalog.

Our EOPORT team will support you during the onboarding process.