How to add your ground station

Reach out to new and existing customers

Monetize on your existing infrastructure. Support the growing value adder industry with data acquired at your station.


    • Grow your business – leverage on rapid data delivery
    • Reach out to existing user communities
    • Get visibility
    • Increase market share
    • Pay-per-use


Ground stations are welcome to enable raw data for exploitation within the EOPORT platform. No resource demanding on-premise processing is necessary, the EOPORT platform accept CADU formatted satellite data.

Transferred data will be made available for service providers within EOPORT and used if satellite mission, sensor and data location matches service subscribers Area Of Interest.

To sell ground station services to EOPORT requires a contractual and technical process. To make the technical process easier, EOPORT is developing an EOPORT Interface Control Document with technical requirements and step-wise guidelines.

Ground Stations running Multi-mission Earth Observation System (MEOS™) solutions provided by Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS (formerly Kongsberg Spacetec AS) can install an upgrade kit that will enable streaming of raw data to EOPORT.

Service specification, service duration, satellite missions and data access policies must be agreed between the station owner and EOPORT. A Service Level Agreement will be established between the ground station operator and EOPORT prior to enabling your data for commercial exploitation.

Self-onboarding of your ground station to EOPORT is not possible, as such we kindly request you to contact us via email.

You will be contacted by our staff to align on the next steps and provide you with details about our terms and conditions.