EOPORT platform Рconcept

How EOPORT works

Enabling data from sensors in Near Real Time is key!

The EOPORT platform is building on decades of Earth Observation experience when enabling satellite sensor data within seconds for exploitation
in public cloud.

Raw formatted sensor data from both open and commercial satellites are forwarded from partnering ground stations in real time as a commercial service.

EOPORT is responsible for the processing up to Level1 products (images) which is then made available for exploitation by any commercial service.


End-users subscribing to any service offering will get their results when data availability is present.

When you establish a subscription to one particular service offering, the EOPORT orchestration engine is preparing a processing pipeline of necessary steps creating a dependency structure of underlaying services that will be invoked whenever your subscription conditions are met.

The processing pipeline is activated only when the correct data over your defined Area Of Interest is detected. Repeated throughout your subscription period.

It’s cheaper this way.

What you receive from this automated activity is service dependent of course.

Any service offered on EOPORT is dependent on input from another EOPORT service. As such you get your private processing chain.


EOPORT services

Unlock information from satellite data through service chains.

Extracting value from satellite data requires know-how, data access and processing. None of these come easy – building services on years of experience, handling huge data volumes at high rates using costly processing resources to produce something that brings value to your customers.

EOPORT is all about reducing risks and costs when going commercial.

Leverage on existing service capabilities on EOPORT, register and deploy your service and announce your service offerings.

As a service provider you target your large portfolio of existing customers (B2C), or become the preferred provider to other EOPORT services and leverage on their success (B2B).

No resources or production costs apply until someone is subscribing to an EOPORT service where your commercial offering is part of the processing chain.