How to add your satellite mission

Add satellite mission

Satellite mission operators are invited to enable exploitation of their data through the EOPORT platform. Data can be offered free or commercially in raw format or together with processing capabilities deployed within the platform itself. Processor integration service is available from EOPORT.

Data offerings from a satellite mission operator may have limitations on usage, access restrictions or licensing requirements. Service providers exploiting data with access restrictions may need approval by the satellite mission operator prior to obtain access to mission data. EOPORT shall facilitate access restrictions through user authentication to ensure data protection according to signed agreement between the satellite mission operator and EOPORT. Separate agreements may be signed between the satellite mission operator and a service provider that regulate usage limitations such as export control regulations.

Mission data must be distributed through one of our ground station providers.

The inclusion of a commercial satellite mission on the EOPORT platform shall be accompanied by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) regulating QoS for the data offering and must be accepted by EOPORT prior to commercial operations.

Please contact EOPORT to add your satellite mission (by email).

Why use EOPORT

  • Channel to reach out to network of users
  • Sensor data as a commodity
  • Monetize on sensor data
  • Leverage on existing cloud infrastructure
  • Integration support
  • Full control of software from private tenant/account
  • Platform support pay-per-use business model
  • Platform support data subscription model
  • Get market reports and usage statistics
  • Increase your market share