How to access our services via API

How to use EOPORT services via API



If you do not only want to directly consume our services via the webshop, but rather want to offer your services via EOPORT or intergrate our services into your own portfolio,
you may prefer to access our services via API. We have published a documentation about our API.

we also provided some code examples on Github  for Java and Python on how to integrate the API into your own application.

It features 3 different use cases:

  • EOPORT API usage, available under JavaExamples/APIClientExample. This example illustrates how to authenticate and how to call the EOPORT API. You will need to have signed up to EOPORT and
    have your user credentials available. You will also need to request the API key and secret. Please contact us at for the later and any other technical or commercial support.
  • EOPORT subscription callback integration, available under PythonExamples/subscription_callback. When you create a subscription via the web app or via the API you can specify a callback URL.
    This example illustrates in very simple terms how to receive the subscription notification and how to read it.
  • EOPORT service integration, available under JavaExamples/ServiceExample. If you are a service provider and wish to register one or more services within the EOPORT platform,
    you will need to register your service in EOPORT and write the code to interface with the associated workflow. This sample creates a dummy sample service and shows how to interface
    with the service orchestration. To find out more about becoming a service provider please contact us at
    • .