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The advantages of utilizing synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery for maritime monitoring are widely recognized. SAR imagery, such as that provided by satellites like Sentinel-1, offers a reliable source of information with fine resolution in both space and time.
This frequent coverage is particularly advantageous for the timely detection of maritime incidents, such as oil spills.
By harnessing the potential of SAR imagery and combining it with machine learning-based detection algorithms, the identification of oil spills becomes a more efficient process. Machine learning algorithms trained on SAR imagery can distinguish between various features, enabling the accurate differentiation of oil spills from natural occurrences. The automation of this detection process enhances the speed and effectiveness of monitoring efforts.

Supported input satellite data
Sentinel-1 SAFE format

Supported output format

  1. An image processed using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
  2. A shapefile that outlines the pixels representing an oil spill, accompanied by the subsequent attributes:
    • Area_Sq_Km: The extent of the identified oil spill area, measured in square kilometers
    • Latitude (Lat): The geographical north-south coordinate
    • Longitude (Lon): The geographical east-west coordinate
    • Date: The date of data acquisition from the Sentinel-1 satellite
    • Time: The corresponding time of data acquisition
    • Conf_perc: The percentage indicating the level of confidence associated with the machine learning algorithm’s assessmen

Price model
Area Of Interest dependent. Oil Spill detection service from 0,06 EUR per km2

The end-user will have access to the final product within 1 hour after the Sentinel-1 data acquisition


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