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The product contains an estimate of the radial component of the ocean current velocity field in the line of sight of the satellite.

Doppler frequency shift acquired by SAR can be used to retrieve ocean surface current velocity in the line of sight direction.
The RVL component consists of an estimate of the total Doppler frequency [Hz] and the corresponding radial velocity [m/s] estimated from aSentinel-1 Level 1 Single-Look Complex (SLC) SAR image.
The RVL component contains an estimate of the width of the ocean Doppler spectra. For each of these parameters the RVL component contains the corresponding standard deviation of the estimates.
The image from which a single RVL is computed corresponds to a burst of the Sentinel-1 product.
The product corresponds to the RVL component of the ESA Sentinel-1 Level 2 OCN product,


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The Norwegian Research Centre (NORCE)

The Norwegian Research Centre (NORCE) is a Norwegian government-owned research institute. It is one of the largest research organizations of Norway.

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