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About this service

Polar TEP works in collaboration with EOPORT to provide a platform where users can store, access, and visualize their EOPORT data; develop algorithms to utilize that data in an interactive development environment or using machine learning tools; and execute those algorithms automatically as new data is acquired.

Use of the NRT data in Polar TEP requires the following:

  • A Polar TEP Machine Learning (ML) or Interactive Development Environment (IDE) account with a NRT data addition, and
  • An EOPORT account.

The cost of adding NRT data to a Polar TEP account is €100 per month on top of the Polar TEP account fees and EOPORT data fees.

The steps to work with NRT data on Polar TEP are as follows:

  1. Request a Polar TEP NRT data account using the form available here.
  2. When your account is approved, you will be provided with a call-back URL to be entered during the EOPORT data ordering process.
  3. Use the EOPORT website to order data by specifying the area of interest and time frame for acquisitions. The call-back URL will allow data to be automatically directed to your private storage on Polar TEP as it is acquired by the satellite.
  4. Once your ordered data is available, it can be viewed in the Polar TEP viewer and accessed in your ML or IDE environments for processing.

The diagram below shows how EOPORT NRT data can be used in Polar TEP:

  • Data from EOPORT is permanently stored in your Polar TEP account (in contrast to the rolling archive on EOPORT where the data is deleted after three days).
  • Your EOPORT data can be viewed in the Polar TEP Viewer.
  • You can use the Polar TEP Machine Learning Platform or Interactive Development Environment to develop algorithms to process your EOPORT NRT data, other data you bring to Polar TEP, and other data that resides on Polar TEP (including complete archives of the Sentinel satellite missions).
  • The Polar TEP Execution Environment can automatically invoke your algorithms as soon as new data is received from your EOPORT NRT data subscription.


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Polar View

Polar TEP is implemented by a team of organisations with expertise in earth observation, geospatial data infrastructure, and polar monitoring.  More information is available at the following link:

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